Why use a coach during a transformation process?

For organizations nowadays the ability to adapt, learn and connect deeply to stakeholders is key. And sometimes this means that large changes or restructuring are necessary. Often a long and often awkward process, and a challenge for most leaders and managers. Leading to uncertainty and emotional distress. How to get the company through such a difficult time? How do you keep the store open during the renovations? Why would you bring in a outsiders during this vulnerable period? We have often supported organizations in this period creating new perspective for leaders, teams and professionals to overcome the negative effects of the renovation period. Usually we will create a training and coaching program.  What is the added value of a training and coaching program?

We – at LAPOUTRE – prefer to use the word transformation instead of change. Because we look at the existing qualities and talents in your business/team, we transform the old into something new. Instead of replace the old with something new. Change often evokes resistance, fear, insecurity and mistrust. Managers in charge of a transformation will recognize this. Employees are afraid of their jobs and are doubting if the transformation is necessary. Often the integrity of the manager is questioned. Managing a transformation, and coaching and guiding employees through this transformation process, it is an almost impossible task for the leaders to do at that time. So external input is required.

LAPOUTRE gives you four reasons to include us an expert from outside in a transformation process:
1. As previously described, a dual role of a manager is difficult. A manager who is evaluating cannot coach effectively. An independent external coach is not involved in the assessment and therefor can assist in the transformation in freedom and confidence. The independent coach focusses solely on coaching and because of this takes away a lot of turmoil.
2. Fear and uncertainty lead to demotivation of workers and could seriously jeopardize the transformation process. A good coach views these fears and insecurities of the employees not as threats, but as a natural part of the transformation process. A good coach teaches the employees to cope with the new reality. In this way, the employees gain new insights about themselves. It helps employees to find new challenges and regain energy, during the transformation process.
3. Transforming is an art, and not one of the core tasks of the responsible manager. Good supervision by a coach prevents problems. A major transformation process is like a supertanker entering a port. Without an experiences pilot accidents will happen, sometimes with serious consequences. And if there is still something to save, much more drastic action is needed then previously intended.

4. Introducing a learning and development program that delivers measurable results is a real challenge, we work with the methods of the No 1 executive coach Marshall Goldsmith and we can and will introduce stakeholder centered coaching in the program, leading to measurable results for your organization, teams and professionals.


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