Good Governance Scans

The Good Governance Scan, analyzes an organization on possible political, administrative, financial and social risks.  Using a combination of rules of organizational and cultural development, combined with existing international and national codes of good governance. This scan provides you with a tool to insure a safe, valuable, and stress free investment when working with business partners, and has already proven its value. Not only will we reveal the potential risks, using our principles of good governance we also grade the organization in its current situation.

Are you investing money or assigning subsidies on behalf of the Government or an organization? But you are not sure if those investments, funds or grants are properly spent and accounted for? From a quick scan with the result in a number of weeks to a tailor made scan, we want to help you to make your investment as valuable and stress-free as possible.

Benefits of good governance

Implementing Good Governance as a model helps organizations in a number of ways :

  • Decrease of financial, governing and political risks;
  • Organizations understand what they may need to change of transform from an objective Good Governance perspective;
  • Organizations that are dependent on donors or funders – public or private – can demonstrate through Good Governance that they have their affairs in order;
  • Assurance that organizations act in the best interest of customers, employees, and other stakeholders.

Good Governance Scans 

Bureau LAPOUTRE offers four services:

  1. Good Governance – Quick Scan
  • Through desk research and interviews, an overview of the current situation will be generated. With a focus on the internal and external performance and the organizations structure and culture;
  • These results are evaluated against the basic principles of Good Governance;
  • You will get the results of this scan within a number of weeks;
  1. Good Governance – Scan
  • The entire organization is analyzed through desk research and a number of interviews, using the basic principles of good governance; This provides an adequate picture, and the results are evaluated against the basic principles of Good Governance;
  • The report will show the potential issues and risks present, and gives advice about implementation of the basic principles of Good Governance;
  1. Good Governance – Customized Scan
  • The Good Governance – Scan;
  • Interviews and desk research focused on the desired department and / or component of the organization;
  • Recommendations and advice to implement the principles of good governance is given in a specific change strategy;

  1. Good Governance – Monitoring and/or Follow Up
  • Follow up after the Good Governance – Scan or Customized Scan;
  • Monitoring after Good Governance – Scan or Customized Scan on an annual basis;
  • If desired focused on certain aspects and/or parts of the organization;