Duur­zaam resul­taat

Duurzaam ResultaatBureau La Poutre staat voor het succesvol verbeteren van  de organisatie, teameffectiviteit en werken naar een duurzaam resultaat.

What does sustainable result stand for?

Together with you and your teams, we realize sustainable result. Our approach brings teams, individuals, and thereby the organization as a whole, together in such way, they can respond to any future change that might occur.

The sustainable result contains:

  • Knowledge of the relevant needs and desires of your customers.
  • A sustainable high level of motivation, commitment and energy.
  • The right people in the right teams.
  • A permanent higher performance output.
  • A culture which is able to quickly respond to market need.
  • A powerful and agile organization
  • Motivated people wanting to move forward.
  • Strategy, groups dynamics, and individual motivation are all aligned.

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