Individual coaching

Bureau LAPOUTRE facilitates the transformation of professionals, teams, and organizations. We coach, train and guide you through the transformation process. In this way you will not only achieve the desired result, but achieve this result in a sustainable and enjoyable way.
An individual coaching program offers insight into your own behavior, action, and perception. Coaching “awakes” you. Makes you aware of your talents, abilities, capabilities and intuitive capacities. Because of this, individual coaching is useful in a wide range of topics, such as;

  • Personal issues;
  • Finding new challenges for employees during change processes or reorganizations;
  • Trigger successful collaborative processes between colleagues;
  • Guiding the transformation process; the coach performs in an interim role that constructs and implements the transformation process.

We – at Bureau LAPOUTRE – believe in human scale and common sense above theories or textbooks. ‘Doing what works’ is our motto. We make use of various techniques to make you aware of fixed ineffective patterns. In this way, space is created to develop more effective behavior.

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Career coaching / outplacement

Bureau LAPOUTRE accompanies professionals in making important steps in their career. We make sure that you know what you want and what your options are at the moment. By coaching we will get you the right and desired job.

  • We begin with a self-analysis, from which a personal profile is created;
  • Together we will look at the possibilities and opportunities using your own network;
  • Based on this, we will construct an action plan with a clear goal;
  • We offer a follow-up when the desired job is yours. Most professionals chose for a follow-up of about six months, this provides you with guidance to get you on track in your new position.

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Executive Coaching

Executive coaching focuses on the top of an organization, and helps you to develop skills that enables you to be an incisive leader for your organization. Executive coaching is often used during change processes, in which the dialogue with your teams is crucial. Executive coaching can also assist when taking important steps in your career. Together with you, we are looking for ways to achieve more success using your own strength. By looking at how you can become the best leader and take the organization to a higher level. In executive coaching, we look at your own capabilities and characteristics. We enable you to become the best leader you can, and use your leadership skills to achieve the best results in the organization.

  • Executive coaching is one on one, to ensure your privacy and your personal growth;
  • Usually with a fixed interval: once every two to three week is experienced as the most effective. Together we will identify challenges and map these;
  • We have no set plan: the progress and content of the coaching will depend on the chosen goals and your current situation.

Bureau LAPOUTRE has over ten years of experience in coaching various types of professionals and managers, with a special talent and penchant for executive coaching. We have an extensive clientele with a large number of Dutch government managers and senior executives of Fortune 500 companies.

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Our clients

  • “Michel is a sharp, focused and personable coach and change consultant that achieves results for the long run.”

    Peter Wit
    Peter WitCOO Atlas Professionals
  • "Michel is sharp, smart and has an keen eye for the people in the organization. It was a party to work together facilitating a Management team session. He has a keen eye for the process and for empowering people

    Robert Wester
    Robert WesterManaging director EU/ Public Sector/ Strategic communication at Berenschot
  • "With Michel you bring in someone who can listen and analyze well. He initially comes across as quiet and modest, but you soon notice that he brings (and brings in) a wealth of experience and sharpness. Among other things, I experienced him as the organizer and facilitator of a so-called 'away day -sessions'. I've had a lot of them over the years. The ones he led were the best, thanks in part to the attractive working methods. Finally - not insignificant - Michel is just pleasant company."

    Miriam Osten
    Miriam OstenCommunication manager Dutch Payment Association