­­Change ma­­nage­­ment

Todays’ society is constantly shifting. Do you want your organization and team to respond effective to these changes and get sustainable success, learning to learn everyday? Leading towards an effective change is often experienced as difficult. Because the required changes and transformation are hard to implement and/or the change is met with resistance.

  • We offer an interim service where we temporarily fulfill the role of the change, transition or transformation manager in your organization, to smoothen the transformation process;
  • We can also train and coach your people, showing your employees the power of transformation and provide guidance in the transformation process;
  • As a result, we will make the transformation process easier and more effective, while achieving sustainable results.

Bureau LAPOUTRE has over 30 years’ experience in leading coaching and advising on challenging change processes in a broad range of organizations.

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We also believe in agile transformations, with the agile methods you can do twice the workload in half the time. An agile business and an agile transformation leads to effective transformation and a flexible and resilient organization, that is able to respond quickly to changes in the market and society. We offer interim and coaching and training services as an agile transformation manager, or as an agile coach or product owner.

Our clients

  • "What I liked about working with Michel, is how he uses his pragmatic insights in complex mechanisms: He doesn't only identify personal development objectives, but also knows how these relate to daily work and how this influences the overall business performance. To put it in other words: the higher the management the more influence individuals have on the entire business, thus when developing top management within a closed loop approach, Michel yields tangible results."

    Daan Smans
    Daan Smans Manager at ThyssenKrupp
  • "I got to know Michel as a coach who dares to ask questions and analyzes well. His energy and drive have been of great importance in a major reorganization. This was the beginning of the change process at childcare institution TriviumLindenhof. His drive, empowerment and the will to achieve sustainable success will always stay with me."

    Ilse Siebers
    Ilse SiebersHR manager at TriviumLindenhof
  • "Michel is a man who knows how to gain trust and also dares to be vulnerable. His open appearance is contagious. Both as a personal coach and group coach, Michel is a man who achieves results in a pleasant and professional way."

    Jack Van Hoof
    Jack Van HoofLead architect at Dutch Railways (NS)
  • "Michel has blown into my department of IT business consultants and architects at the Dutch Railways as a whirlwind and has made a good team scan with MBTI profiles in a short period of time. This makes it quickly clear where we stand as a team, where the individual forces are and how we can now jointly use them for better team results. Firmly confrontational, good coaching and constructive in his wording, he creates movement in the team freely and directs it towards focus and new processes. Michel, thank you for your thorough and personal commitment."

    Jan Malestein
    Jan MalesteinManager at Dutch Railways (NS)