In July 2010, Michel published his first book, ‘Unlimited Change’ (Onbeperkt veranderen). The book describes an unlimited change method and includes tips and information about how individuals can feel good about themselves, how a team can work together in the best way possible and how the organization can function more effectively. This book teaches you how to implement these tips at a business level. It will not only help you and everyone you work with, but it will also make the entire organization stronger.

Over the years of working as a coach and in change, transition and transformation processes, Michel has often used self-understanding methods, such as the Enneagram, Birkman, Management Drives and MBTI. He also uses Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) on a daily basis, and obtains great results. This book gives you the opportunity to take a look ‘backstage’ at Michel’s methods.

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Michel La Poutre & Joost van der Leij bij Paagman