Our vision

At BLP, we empower professionals, teams and organizations to fulfill their potential, to be a constructive force for the transformation of themselves and society in the best possible way.

Todays’ organizations are subject to major changes like: globalization, digitalization and shifting economic powers. This constant stream of changes often results in fear, fear for the unknown. At the same time, more opportunities arise to make a difference in the world. To make this difference, people have to know their strengths, and professionals, teams and organization have to work together to reach their fullest potential.

We – at Bureau LAPOUTRE – do not fear change, change makes us curious. In our eyes, change is creating new great possibilities for organization to not only grow but also to contribute to a bettering of society. These opportunities can only be exploit when you know your own potential, and if you know what your clients need. We work with you on a process of constructive transformation. In this way you can realize the change that you need to create the future that you want for yourself, your business and the world.

Our values

We believe that change starts at the top, but does not end there. Bureau LAPOUTRE guides your entire team and/or organization in the transformation process. This results in trust in the transformation throughout the organization and ensures sustainable results.

We create trust and we want people to have fun at work. Furthermore, we empower people to work effectively together. With our focus on sustainable results, we provide a long-term strategy with a concrete implementation plan. This strategy has to be supported by employees, customers, shareholders and other stakeholders as much as possible. Involvement and communication with all the different stakeholders is the key.

Changing existing patterns is perceived as difficult. Bureau LAPOUTRE offers you different ways to make the transformation process effective, using our own values. We challenge professionals, teams and organizations to think further, to transform themselves, to dare and to be powerful. We create a transformation that enables you to reach your fullest potential. Our values ​​are focused on how to help you to create the future that you want for yourself, your business and the world.

  1. Your success is our priority : We listen to your story, work together with you, and add what is needed for your success. Using the Me, We, They and It performance improving model.
  2. Your goals and transformation are set from your vision : You are unique and so is your team or business, this is why we offer a tailor made transformation plan. Using the existing talents and abilities available in you, your team and/or your organization. Together we set goals and guide you through the process of transformation to reach these goals in the most effective and efficient way. In this way we transform your results to better and sustainable results.
  3. Your transformation is realized using trust, clarity and fun : Bureau LAPOUTRE believes that negativity and distrust are disastrous in an organization. By focusing on trust and fun, boundaries are shifted which results in a healthy and sustainable organization.
  4. You create a capacity for learning and self-improvement : Bureau LAPOUTRE aims for sustainable results and empowers professionals to continue to learn and grow. We teach you, your team and/or your organization, how these results are achieved. In this way; there is a higher consciousness and at the same time you, your team and/or organization are more resilient and agile. That has a positive effect on the reputation of your organization, and the motivation of your employees.

About Michel La Poutre


Experienced and dynamic strategic consultant and top business coach with extensive change experience and know how.
I have a very good track ‘leading change’ record in business, government and semi-government organizations in The Netherlands as well as internationally.
Proven achievements in organizational and strategic changes and consultancy for clients in sectors like Government, Oil and Gas, Logistics and
Retail. When leading change, I am a results- and value driven people manager and excellent coach, with strong analytical skills. I motivate people by giving
them guidance and positive energy. High political sensitivity and very familiar with top political and boardroom processes.


Whether it is a team or an executive, a management team or an employee; Michel loves to coach. His goal is to provide insight in their own behavior, actions and way of perception and teaching them how to act more effectively. Michel provides his participants the tools to be more effective and satisfied within their function or supports them in the search for a new more suitable job.


Eventually, it all comes down to achieve the organization’s goals and targets by working together. This is why Michel believes that results and satisfaction go hand in hand.


Due to his extended business background Michel can be of great value in management consultancy, such as policy and strategy or change processes. When necessary, he will assume the role of process manager or business coach.


Michel is an experienced workshops and conferences coach. No matter in which setting, he always helps the participants move forward; as a team and/or in their personal growth and evolvement as a professional, manager or leader.


Some assignments require Michel to work together with professionals from the coaching, consultancy, and interim-management business. He has a professional network of experts who he all knows personally.

Michel La Poutre & Joost van der Leij bij Paagman


Michel’s clients are globally active in a number of sectors, such as oil and gas, infrastructure and transport, IT, telecommunication, healthcare, business services, media and production, and also government and non-profit organizations.

Boek Michel Lapoutre

  • “Michel is een professionele en charismatisch coach en sterk in analyseren. Hij heeft zeer snel door waar de schoen wringt. Zijn aanpak is prettig confronterend en bereikt daarmee snel aansprekende resultaten. Op basis van zijn onafhankelijkheid en overzicht komt hij met heldere en creatieve adviezen.”

    Dirk Jan Dullemond
    Dirk Jan DullemondIT Service Delivery Manager at DICTU

Klant vertelt

  • “Michel la Poutre, wat een persoonlijkheid ! Zijn grote kracht is dat hij vanuit jouw persoonlijke situatie en drijfveren begeleiding geeft. Inzicht in competenties, kracht en uitdagingen en dit op een bijzonder integere en stimulerende manier, zonder dat je jezelf verliest of het gevoel hebt iets opgelegd te krijgen. Na een sessie met Michel kijk je enthousiast in je eigen spiegel, maar krijg je ook inzicht in de spiegel van een ander. Energiek, enthousiast, motiverend.”

    Angèle Magré-de Monyé
    Angèle Magré-de MonyéAdviseur Ondernemers Ondersteuning bij Kamer van Koophandel
  • “Michel is a sharp, focused and personable coach and change consultant that achieves results for the long run.”

    Peter Wit
    Peter WitFormer at Shell, now CFO at Inashco