5 tips for the best teambuilding day

How long ago did you and your team take a good look at your organization? Ask questions like: are we still doing what we should do, do we achieve our goals? When was your last brainstorm session focusing on creating or implementing the strategy and making the leading team more healthy? A day away, outside in nature, is a commonly used and a perfect tool to refresh the energy in a team. It gives your team an opportunity to socialize again, come together to build trust and co – create and it is a perfect tool for some teambuilding.

But how do you make this day away effective? How do you insure an inspiring day full of new fresh ideas and energy? Bureau LAPOUTRE gives you five tips for an extraordinary day away:

1. Choose an inspiring venue that suits the purpose of your day away. Provide a functional space with not too many distractions and good light for the conference sessions. As a result, the focus and energy is kept high. De teambuilding activities take place outdoors, not too far from the meeting room. These outdoor activities are focused on teambuilding, and give renewed energy to your team.
2. Energy is everything. Nothing is as difficult as keeping everybody focused. The attention span of a human being is around 15 minutes, after that we need new impulses to keep us focused again. An effective stimulant is interaction. Short interactive tasks will keep the energy high.
3. Ask an independent chairman. To break free of unconscious ingrained patterns an facilitator from outside is necessary. Someone who is open-minded, who reflects and – where needed – puts his finger on the sore spot without falling into the unconscious patterns. A good facilitator creates surprising results that last.
4. Focus on the outcome. Decide in advance exactly what the purpose and outcome of your day away is, and adjust the program accordingly. Make it clear why you are together and what the aim is of all the activities. Sounds logical, but many days away miss their goal because of a lack of direction.
5. Communicate your outcome. Share the outcomes from the day away with the entire organization, both top and bottom. This promotes involvement in the organization and legitimizes the day away of your team. You can share the results for example in a blog in the internal newsletter or post a short video on your companies intranet.

Interested to learn more about a successful day away? Please feel free to contact me!

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