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  • “Michel is a great coach. He is kind and firm at the same time. He asks the right questions and encouraged me to find the answers myself. Michel helped me to take a little distance from myself to see better what I really need in a job. That was necessary because the organisation I worked for was in transition with consequences for my tasks and my job. I recommend Michel to everyone who needs a little help to make a next step.”

    Laura van Klink
    Laura van KlinkAdviseur Ondernemersondersteuning, Kamer van Koophandel & Bestuurssecretaris, Bedrijfsleven Rijnland
  • “In the period I've worked with Michel I have seen a dedicated man, with clear communicative skills and persistence to succeed. The way Michel organized the communication in the project and supported the project people was excellent. He definitely took part in the project's success.”

    Erik van der SteenProject bij Dienst sociale zaken en werkgelegenheid, 2009.
  • “When dark clouds are gathering over a project, Michel makes you see the rays of sunlight. Michel excels in motivating both individuals and groups.”

    Ruud Zwart
    Ruud ZwartTijdens Project Socrates en programma VUIST bij de toenmalige Dienst Sociale Zaken en Werkgelegenheid van de Gemeente Rotterdam
  • "What I liked about working with Michel, is how he uses his pragmatic insights in complex mechanisms: He doesn't only identify personal development objectives, but also knows how these relate to daily work and how this influences the overall business performance. To put it in other words: the higher the management the more influence individuals have on the entire business, thus when developing top management within a closed loop approach, Michel yields tangible results."

    Daan Smans
    Daan SmansBusiness Development, Marketing & Communications manager bij ThyssenKrupp Elevators B.V.